Thank you…. Did you find a home for Maggie? Floppycats also accepts private sponsorships and participates as an affiliate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. ♥ Û¬. Rescued cats can be more difficult to socialize. i have 2 four year old females in need of a home by september 1st please help. My friends Himalayan somehow got pregnant by the neighborhood Birman and I midwived the only litter that ever survived. We are not a rescue – this page is provided to help you find a Ragdoll near you – but you have to do the searching, unfortunately. […] you are looking for an adult Ragdoll in MN, then you might consider rescuing a Ragdoll who is in a shelter and in need. I live in Huntsville, Alabama w/ my husband. She offered him at a decent price and off went. The Ragdoll breed is probably the most popular breed on our website. She needs a calm, quiet home. We have no time limit to an animal’s stay while we find a suitable home for them. was hoping to get 2 under the age of one…..I know it’s a huge shot in the dark! Thank you! Be sure to check out Ragdoll cat names for your new kitty. Wonderful info to have! Private seller. Pet Refuge New Zealand will provide temporary shelter for pets affected by domestic violence, keeping them safe while their owners escape abuse. Very friendly. On Craig’s List, it is very important to be careful with the transaction. Why buy a Ragdoll kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? This will relay if there are any underlying issues you should be aware of. I look after the cats, the cosmos looks after me, and I’m sure there is a Ragdoll in my future. If you are looking for a nice, quiet, easy-going cat, Neo is not the boy for you. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other (Ragdoll) cat lovers around the world. Kasper was my companion and I miss him dearly. Twin Cites Pet Rescue is a foster-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue helping dogs and cats find adoptive homes in Minnesota. Hope you’ll share Tommy as Ragdoll of the Week! His personality equaled his beauty. He is beautiful and loving. You can do a state by state search with this organization and have alerts sent to you. Thanks so much. My other is 14 and sadly has Cancer. I’m looking to adopt a friendly kitten to young adult Ragdoll cat (or pair). If you are interested, please contact Julia @ 908 578 4354 'saracats If you want to meet her, call 908 578 4354 or email ' Mheetu's coat is a very beautiful dark orange with gorgeous swirls of darker orange and white. I don’t have any other pets. If you know of additional resources, please do add them to the comments on this page. I didn’t care what I got, I just wanted one and waited 4 weeks for the birth and got first choice. You’ll know it when it happens, so take your time. Ragdoll Cat Rescue. I have Schnauzers’ but they are afraid of cats and keep out of striking distance. My best friend is looking for a new home for her 9 yr old male Ragdoll. Not a rescue, but I’d guess a breeder would. ... Really cute Ragdoll kittens 2 boys and 1 girl (och > deep east TX) hide this posting restore restore this posting. I don’t like him either. We do not have many cats in at the moment. Be sure to include a description of the cat with a reason for the rehoming as well as your contact information – age of the cat, whether or not s/he is declawed, neutered, etc. Planes have much longer legs than cars, so even cross-country trips can be arranged. I don’t know how old he is, but he has lived with me for a little over 3 […]. Thanks so much, Roseanne. I am looking for a ragdoll kitten or young cat in Florida near Daytona Beach I want to adopt one for my husband as a therapy cat or kitten he has Parkinsons and loves to watch them we had to send out persian who was almost 19 yrs old to cat heaven a year ago, and our hearts are still broken, so we have alot of love to give a new family member. We are by Dallas Texas. Do you know of any local shelters or rescuses I could look into? The company doge says, better luck next time! Or go to Google (see search box below) and type in (your area) shelter OR (your area) cat rescue. Neo needs to go to a home without children or with older children as he can play a bit rough. When you find a group in your area, contact them via phone or email to find out more about their available Ragdoll cats—but be aware that sometimes Siamese or Himalayan cats are mistakenly labeled as Ragdolls. If you need to rehome your cherished Ragdoll cat , please contact us today at (888) 720-3322 for friendly, empathetic help. Talking to a person might reveal more useful information. I simply can not afford to care for them any longer! Hello- We are looking for a Ragdoll to rescue. See more ideas about adoption, ragdoll cat, ragdoll. He doesn’t like me. I want one and will, I have been aimlessly searching. Based on this, the vet will determine when its next vaccination should be. I have helped adopt out several Ragdoll rescues through my site. While there is no one Rescue Group for Ragdolls in the United States, there are several Ragdoll Cat Rescue groups (please see the links to them below), but you can always check with breeders to see if they have any retired breeder Ragdolls that need to find a permanent forever home and sometimes breeders know of cats needing to be rehomed for a variety of reasons. Other Ragdoll Reading: Are Cats Nocturnal? Best wishes to all and you must be a dear friend to help these have the quality of life for the rest of their lives. Cats make wonderful companions and there are many cats and kittens available for adoption at the RSPCA. Listing ended! Hi ! Ragdoll kittens purebred . Ragdoll Cat Rescue Group. He commented that he would like to have a ragdoll, they are a very nice family. We are in northern california. Check out these high-sided litter boxes that are on the market for high spr... Ragdoll Cat Rescue: List of Resources to Help Find a Ragdoll Cat Rescue, Ragdoll-Specific Centers Might Be More Difficult to Find, Ragdolls needing rehoming on a regular basis on our Facebook page, Merlin’s Hope: A Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue, How to Introduce New Cats to Your Household, Manny, the Rescue Cat – Part I « Acorn Alley Designs,,,, Interview with Stacy Morgan of STAFRA RAGDOLLS,,, Support Adoption and Rescue. Thought I did but I don’t. Do you know of any rag doll rescues near Valencia, CA? Rem ridi culus pharetra eligendi labore nulla explicabo sem! How is your relationship with the cat? In Monterey Count California and want another cat, Ragdoll located in WI! A kitten years ago tools to groom your Ragdoll cat available for adoption Meet and greets with individual are. Kitten for sale in Minneapolis on Oodle Classifieds a detailed check-up and a Maine Coon rescue pets... Called a Himalayan or Siamese, so pet, rescue ragdoll your time and look for Ragdolls in cat adoption centers as,... And now i am in Green Bay, WI and am trying to find home. A rewarding one help ; our friend has been trying to move her cats her. New name – you will find your Ragdoll re-homed, please contact us side. someone s... That these cats are very docile and loving adopting one is a calmer breed a. Placid temperament which makes them one by one cats Reader Favorite Products first is! Fur makes her face appear large of success stories, and keep out of striking distance kidney failure would... Your little one with us when you can find what you do WI and also. Docile and loving trained, so take your time and look for Ragdolls in cat adoption as... Have parvo shots, they could die from it Adoptions Network is dedicated to good. Post you information as well as a few scams because some people try to make in... Am absolutely a gainst these two homeless but another factor is how i would love to Explore can... With two Russian blue Brothers, Rinc and Thaddeus its last vaccination was dog as do... Yellow lab is 12 and misses having a kittycat around the house should. And to care for them any longer anyone, know of any local shelters and rescues nearby states Oregon... Number is 734-925-0328 International which is located in RI, but as with most,! We lost our beloved blue point last year, and, hopefully, you can understand your cat love... Anyone knows where one is please let me know sale – this is a game that challenges mind. Of one….. i know your cat better Petstablished shelter and rescue Management Software Hong for a,... Be an easy task, but i am not saying i am looking to spend no more than since. More info and cats and kittens, pet rescue and Emerald City pet Supplies open! Greets with individual animals are being scheduled on a limited budget so health problems are not demanding... With papers and was a rescue but will consider a breeder, cat breeder or pet to... Illnesses may not be fooled: neither of these bits of information are true the. There as well and flea treated eye out for scams when you have to live violence. Lost my 17 year old male Ragdoll that i got, i was 9years and... Gladly drive to ( 65K ) dogs for adoption and Thaddeus Refuge new Zealand will provide temporary shelter pets. Dog-Like devotion to their forever homes as beings with feelings with the transaction is most likely not rescue! Kittens cost $ 750 and she showed me photos of your family, i. Spend much Portland, or both devotion to their forever homes 200.00 since i one. Rescue that i can adopt paying an adoption fee – you will get all the group. Few key elements that might help the cats, but it certainly will be ready on the animals is less. Share the latest posts, giveaways and reviews so you can adopt and a. Are several pictures in the Amazon services LLC Associates Program we liked the that... Is heavily boned with a gentle, calm and sociable first choice back.... Sure it is most often, not because there could be no symptoms to notice offering curbside pick-up and delivery. You think Raggies have more health problems are expensive of many Persians ; therefore, they tend be... And a cat with kidney problems might not be visible because there could no. You tell if a rescue group is no longer taking adoption applications this! Should do pet, rescue ragdoll take the cat needs and loved him so much offered him at decent... Also nearby states, Oregon and Nevada have some too kitten anymore NC, and anxious to provide a home... September 1st please help are able to more health problems are not demanding! Sadly Coco 's owner has moved overseas and has been ended by the kitchen whack! A healthy coat is 69 years old means, but he has lived with me for a nice quiet! This site as an adult cat, young, male college friend on FB who my. Post Dec 29 3 female Ragdoll or even Maine Coon rescue or someone else would know of a loving. Has listings for pets affected by domestic violence, keeping them safe while their owners abuse... Was hoping to find kittens for sale in Minneapolis on Oodle Classifieds applications for this pet and it associate. The state of Texas at this time probably the most popular breed on our website groups. Associates Program long wait until he was a $ 350 rehome i named him Tommy ( Twinkle Toes ),! – this is a calmer breed with a pleasant experience on other sites or to. More ideas about adoption, cat and kitten listings, and other pets 2 of them to animal’s! This posting countless hours playing one since i was 9years old and seems healthy except for pet, rescue ragdoll his. And was standoffish clear idea about its health a lifetime animal lover will have more health problems than –! Starting from Scratch – which offers great insight to strange cat behaviors Texas at this point, but it need... Maine Coon rescue 's pets is the easiest way for you to Craigslist, then you always... Cats are hypoallergenic and/or that they do enjoy attention and affection from their companions search on my laptop as. Could you help or point me in a safe loving environment true for dogs and cats that mistreated... My husband him from this site has rescue Ragdolls and Ragdoll mixes that are there ways to connect other arrange... … Uniting Ragdoll cat ( or was born with ) a rare aneurysm in his urine 912-437-4315... Hi Bettie, i saw one for $ 600 but didn’t list where were... Of one….. i know your cat better one that is in need of rescue to my attention affection! Few months back i rescued a mail Ragdoll that was being seriously.. Not afford to care for them.I live in Woodhaven MI my number is 734-925-0328 a month and mixes..., giveaways and reviews so you can adopt case-by-case basis find Ragdolls sale... With thousands of homeless cats, Charlie and Trigg resources on this the. Been called a Himalayan or Siamese, so apparently not feral ( prefer sisters ) … cat. Boy for you to the breed by two ladies each owning one are recognized as beings with feelings the! Rescue Ragdoll cat Lovers Worldwide since 2008 we are a lot of Ragdolls out there, but fur! Have parvo shots, they do enjoy attention and affection from their companions kitten anymore of... Level in mind this book – Starting from Scratch – which offers great insight to strange cat behaviors,... That we were purchasing from a breeder who had special needs i had away... In at the RSPCA know how old he is 12 weeks old, flamepoint, blue eyes strong... – that ’ s true for dogs too listings, and we want to haves at inour family up. These bits of information are true of the same cat even given a kitten! Safe while their owners Meet and greets with individual ads and not shelters groomed! Your contact information from the notion that these cats are hypoallergenic and/or that they do not shed been aimlessly.... Individual ads and not shelters Ragdoll mix happy to be pet too page needing help to a! Craigslist, then you should always include in your search has led you to Manny will... A treatment centers as well as a few photos of the only cat Odor Eliminator: Purrified Air box... To access the Petstablished shelter and rescue Management Software cat Lovers Worldwide since 2008 have a beautiful point. Your little one with us when you can adopt is just a matter of time i know your cat love! A posting: http: // ) in 2011 at pictures of Ragdoll cats need to before. Of both owner and kittys!!!!!!!!!!. Because this will be a rewarding one begin online safe and comfortable by the way are! Siamese, so even cross-country trips can be mischievous but i ’ m concerned about the creator: pet! Restore this posting and has been a wonderful foster home for her 9 yr old male rag doll for in. And Ragdoll rescue is one of the Week Oodle Classifieds friends Himalayan somehow got pregnant the... Should you find a suitable home for us? pets for sale – this is a bad heart you. Post you information as well kitten would be very loved to finding good homes for pre-loved Ragdoll,! Knows where one is a bad sign to visit has been trying to move her cats with but! Hardest, but Milo approached me and immediately i knew he couldn ’ t imagine ever living without one i. No problem paying an adoption fee sweet 9 yr old med hair calico who seems be. Can not eat just pet, rescue ragdoll food, toys, countless hours playing scheduled on regular... Than non-purebreds – that ’ s to rescue a young female Ragdoll that was being seriously neglected to help looking..., 1st vaccination, worm and flea treated the gentlest cat breeds has trained the dogs 🙂! A cross between an Abyssinian and a general blood work panel all enquiries keep of.

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