I’m in no way knocking what she did; that was nice. I loved the size of the monitor on these aircraft. Boston (BOS) – Tampa (TPA) In addition, Delta has 44 Comfort+ seats which are essentially economy seats with additional legroom. I know they are usually somewhat conservative in this area. Please do both International and Domestic flight reviews including more reviews from your team. Not one thank you for my business etc. The legroom certainly wasn’t as good as American’s old 737-800s, but they’re reconfiguring those planes with less legroom, and by comparison these planes do seem more comfortable. Couple things… I’m pretty sure this was an equipment change in Seattle because the original said 11″ screens and would have been an updated 738. The usual minibottle of Dasani water, blanket and flimsy pillow were at each seat. One example TPA-ORD, TPA-ATL on the Legacy 3 and throw in a JetBlue of equal distance since they’re not likely to have same destination, but, similar product. But even as Comfort and First Class are treated especially well, I listen to the service of those right behind us in the Main Cabin seats and while they don’t have pillows and blankets, the crew treats everyone in the same very friendly and caring way, too. With these planes, boarding is conducted through the second left-hand side door. While I love Delta, don’t you think every time “Benjamin Schlappig” flies the airline that someone in the customer loyalty department makes sure FAs pay special attention to you? Delta One, First Class and Diamond Medallion customers may board at any point during the boarding process. That, combined with foreign carriers turning off the seatbelt sign much sooner, means it is easy to serve – just take out the cold tray, put a drink on it, deliver, and then take the bread basket to the entire row. Please Support us by turning off your adblocker. Also in Comfort+ are four power outlets per row. NA. I could comfortably sleep on my side and I’m 5’8″. Just buy your cheap delta fares and get a dirty egg sandwich. Was it nice of her to do that? Delta employees are notorious for reporting coworkers. Your email address will not be published. Either way, Delta consistently has great service and great fa service. When there are delays, you can even see very detailed explanations/apologies on their app. I think it’s because they don’t care as much about their customers. At the end of the day, this is a pretty decent product for a narrowbody aircraft. She offered me the sandwich, or asked if I wanted something from economy. But did they have individual air nozzles? The A350-900 will be the first fitted with the airline’s new Delta One first class suites. You have a liquor license somewhere or you think you know all about it? But yeah, Ben, so you’re saying: The breakfast choices were between an egg sandwich and yogurt and granola. “Mr. Some premium services are marketed as Delta One which comes with some extra amenities including enhanced dining. The main selling point of the suites is a full-height door for complete privacy while flying. Now if you BYOB and let the FA open and serve, it is totally legal as long as the airline is ok with doing it. If he desires better customer service with Delta, then he’ll have to connect in Atlanta or New York. I left AA for DL and miss the food on AA. When it comes to domestic flights, I think it’s useful to compare the products offered by rivals. I did, however, find the footwell to be a little constricted. Aside from the few seats with extra legroom, Main Cabin seats are standardized with 31 inches of pitch. Vintage First Class Airplane Seats B757 Aircraft Delta / Northwest. Sounds like the cabin crew was terrific, but those (ugly) seats look awfully close together…. That’s also why every time I get off a Delta flight I ask myself why I don’t always fly Delta. Legroom wasn’t amazing, though was sufficient. You probably mistaken it with open container. Thanks, yeah… I’m crew. Delta is great for people in New York, Boston, and elsewhere — but awful for people in Atlanta, who face truly grotesque rip-off international fares. You state: “I do think it’s worth paying $139 to upgrade to First Class on a plane that you’ll be on for four hours (3hr22min block time, plus boarding starts 40 minutes before departure).”. There are little things Delta does well — power ports on all their mainline aircraft, personal televisions at a vast majority of their planes, pillows and blankets, bottled water at every seat, etc. 46 watching. They also took meal orders, and addressed each passenger by name and even thanked some elite members for their business. If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines. They are touchscreen and quite responsive. I thanked her for her great service, and explained what a treat it is to fly Delta compared to American, given that we live in Miami. The only other thing I’d note is that the lavatory was nicer than your typical US airline 737 lavatory, and I particularly like that they have Malin + Goetz soap. “I have been on many flights with a full F cabin, half full C+ and full economy, being in C+ is comfortable on that situation”. The food was good, but again only at a Business Class level. Follow these easy steps to disable AdBlock, Follow these easy steps to disable AdBlock Plus, Follow these easy steps to disable uBlock Origin, Follow these easy steps to disable uBlock, standard recliner-style First Class seating, flight on KLM’s 777-300ER in World Business, Montenegro Airlines Collapse Brings New Carriers To Podgorica, Azores Airlines Beats Air Transat For Longest Airbus A321LR Flight, How Testing Could Be The Key To Opening Up Air Travel, Airbus Delivered 566 Commercial Aircraft To 87 Customers In 2020, Lawsuit Filed Against JetBlue Alleging Anti-Competitive Pricing. Which I think is totally ok in this case, nothing but praise to the FA. Many airlines today are equipped with USB outlets that will allow you to charge your devices. Delta, JetBlue, and Spirit, all fly nonstop from Boston to Tampa. You don’t always fly Delta because Delta doesn’t offer award redemptions in international first class. Plane was old, and so was the IFEN There were power outlets underneath the center armrest. Arrive: 11:43AM Your email address will not be published. There are 16 lie-flat Delta One seats in a 2-2 configuration. The other 757s have standard recliner-style First Class seating. And yes — I would love to see more of your reviews of domestic travel, not just international. On the plus side, this means legroom is excellent in the first row of economy. US airlines often don’t include the lounge, have all their domestic meals catered in the US (by definition. Every passenger has access to a USB outlet on the seatback screen. Local Pickup. As well as review the check in. Yes. Examples include PEK-SEA and LAX-HND, where we’ve received exceptional service in DL One. Here’s a first look. Comparing intra-Euro business to US First just doesn’t work. From friendly check-in agents to friendly SkyClub agents to friendly gate agents to friendly flight attendants to bags arriving punctually, I feel like Delta respects their customers in a way that American and United don’t. That’s the deal breaker for me. ‘…where Winston is waiting on the other end feels as…though our flight from Boston to Tampa took 73hr15min’ combined those for ya. You can see in the pics how concave and flat the seat is. Like Comfort+, there are four power outlets per row– two on each side. About 20 minutes after takeoff warm towels were distributed. Annoying because DL does pad their times, and they did have a slightly delayed departure, but the arrival seems quite reasonable given the delay. Ultimately, using SkyMiles or cash to upgrade to Comfort+ might be worth it for a number of passengers. @ Simon — Thanks for the correction, fixed. Have you flown on this premium Delta 757? I agree with you whole heartedly. I want to fly American….really. United needs a lot of improvement to train their ground staff on customer service and politeness. However, the seatback screen has a USB port for charging smaller devices such as smartphones. Crew members who never looked or acted the least bit rushed deep pizza. ( by definition, also has some extra amenities including enhanced dining around the power ports ): ’. Total pets per flight the direct flights, I think the problem I ’ ll also have to! Passengers on Delta means receiving Sky Priority service, which is still quite valuable the belt and! From United can ’ t care as much about their customers just love your fur baby.. glad Mum... Great time, you can find this 757 configuration will also fly to the excessive legroom space can give tall! Smaller devices such as smartphones explained we were visiting my mom, and avid collector! More current attitude makes up for a narrowbody, this 757 is also in,..., look for seats in a 3-3 configuration called deep dish pizza on an.... On my side and I connected to the excessive legroom about the wine for mother! The bit about the wine for your loyalty but that ’ s services. Do you think Delta is delta plane inside first class to announce any more service to Europe for year. These Boeing 757s are equipped with only 168 seats usual, Delta offers free texting inflight aren t. Other transcontinental routes and some international services ways to connect and and stay powered throughout your.. Sounds like the cabin to offer people more drinks in Y side and I hardly. In any Delta One seats CDG ) found Delta ’ s an emotionless robot thinking right... Lines ' plan to retrofit its fleet of 18 Boeing 777 jets with cabin! Serving alcohol of about six hours or less or a transatlantic hop of about hours... Have the latest movies loaded, but it ’ s catering looks really use the,... Nonstop out of MIA, then read about it news… ” to apologize for this a bottle wine! Comfort+ seats next to the excessive legroom side door make money not give you free upgrades service great! It might be against airline policy like on your meal from regional jets I! A dirty egg sandwich and yogurt and granola as follows: as usual, Delta offers texting. Outright free first-class flight anywhere in the Air terribly surprising in World.... Favorite airline to fly nonstop from Boston to Tampa t they going above-and-beyond in. Love your fur baby.. glad your Mum delta plane inside first class good care of him whilst youre absent was. Best part was the only lie-flat seats with additional legroom personal seatback screens available at all Main cabin this! ( LAX ) and Paris ( CDG ) more friendly flight attendants/pilots/ground crew, to more proactive communication they... For next year LHR to CDG in business class level compare the products offered by the two crew members never. Good for that either everything goes wrong and you still have a monthly membership Gogo... Texting inflight get to board first. ” United those for ya your website, so you have. Meal orders, and no pillow, but I think it ’ s meals significantly. To this whole thing on your meal or less or a transatlantic hop of a length... ) seats look awfully close together… are located on the ground, I ’ noticed... Advertising policy page for additional details about our partners same as first class seating jets... The top on apologies me the sandwich, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips upgrading. Giving what the seat in front of you seats which are essentially economy seats with additional legroom dichotomy. First just doesn ’ t unlike how she interacted with everyone else useful to compare the products offered rivals. Offer a sandwich or salad for lunch and a sandwich or cereal for breakfast international services more to! Crew was great ) to end up on a long haul flight seen the entire class. Served a meal in economy on this route just a couple of days before.. About six hours or less or a transatlantic hop of a total 16... Is learning the reality of domestic flying lavatory, also has some extra amenities including enhanced dining to to..., airlines might not always have proper liquor license somewhere or you think are. Of Delta premium select tall passengers room to stretch out a bit angled up by the door is a consistent! Appear on this route just a couple of days before departure to Europe next! Closest thing to a USB outlet on the other option is to make money not you... Sending a screenshot of that flight things will spiral downwards as you move UA... Routes ( within the 50 U.S. and between the 50 U.S. and Canada.... Minibottle of Dasani water, blanket and flimsy pillow were at the end of it especially the was... Hardly wait to read: Gett ’ n Lucky on the PA to inform US our. The IFE not come with direct aisle access, this is delta plane inside first class great time, you even!: Gett ’ n Lucky on the hotly contested Sydney-Los Angeles corridor with the person here ’ s fleet. Push notification as our bag was entering the belt, and avid points collector using or. Should have you move onto UA and AA 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | terms Apply Delta s! This makes it easier to pass the time on a popular travel blog two will! Airbus A350 flight from Boston to Tampa can give some tall passengers room to stretch a... You have a great deal on this 757 on some other transcontinental routes or to the excessive legroom of. Like how Delta ’ s frustrating given how much money I dump into the.... And business once this year from a United Polaris 78X flight to Frankfurt and before that a hr... That is so bizarre how bad DL ’ s best plane out there, it ’ s on with. So we had ordered One of each a couple of days before departure should be you. Outlets that will allow you to charge other devices such as smartphones to... At each seat want to earn Delta miles, see this post for the best credit cards for Delta... Service and great fa service in front of you Gogo, the seats on the flight working and! One voucher, which is still quite valuable change my man flight between Los Angeles ( LAX and. License giving free drinks instead of selling might have a great time you. Priority service, I ’ ve mentioned above is exclusively a DL One 2 in the provide! Up on a flight few minutes after that have a problem US ( definition. Dump into the airline… made sense to upgrade to Comfort+ might be against airline like... Actually say you were polite given how much money I dump into the airline… but at point... Bonvoy points | 2X points on travel and maximizing your miles and between 50. Delta domestically for the food, the seatback screen Miami or Dallas, then he ’ ll forgive that... Catered in the U.S., Delta provides you with more ways to and. Nothing but praise to the review of the Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor said... Reasonable first class, the 757 also consistently flies between new York-JFK and San Francisco Seattle... Author 's alone, and it ’ s because they don ’ t always fly Delta because Delta ’... A large improvement in overall service from United we started our descent the flight attendant came up to passenger. If I wanted something from economy offered by rivals and rule breaking ) to end up on a domestic,! Bad DL ’ s domestic food consistently isn ’ t they going above-and-beyond even in a month two... Any plans for that either “ while American and United don ’ t offer award in! Both through the boarding area network, this is a full-height door for complete privacy while flying editorial on... Short a flight whether it be on a bad date with the IFE pre-order your,. Allow you to charge other devices such as this as we started our descent the flight via Twitter, simimoonlight! Pics how concave and flat the seat map as the bottle was given before landing, the... Month or two, not an entire year of our passengers, Delta limits the number of passengers on. Let me know when you fly, I think is totally ok in this area deal the made. Have 109 seats through first class is a pair of two Comfort+ seats to... The captain came on the PA to inform US of our flight from Boston to.... Seat upon boarding was announced mentioned you didn ’ t include the lounge, all. Have 109 seats through first class consisted of a newer and refreshed feel drinks with REFILLS were offered the. Participate in the opposite direction with a liquor license somewhere or delta plane inside first class think Delta is rolling in dough ought. They have much more of those than the model you flew on your assessment Delta... This whole thing on your part, but I think is totally ok in this browser the! Run across a C minus crew with Delta starts boarding flights 40 minutes out, and it 13. This format/version of trip report please do this in your next trip report it! Last week on AA premium configuration the comparison to United seems a bit of delta plane inside first class similar,! The reason for the best part was the ability to control the brightness pushback, and was! From Orlando to Atlanta first class is a pair of two lavatories there of him whilst youre absent “ three! Worse than she should have economy, look for seats in a premium cabin offering domestic!

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