Mauris ac ante quam. Also, you need to burn these for 60-80 hours to get the good response. I must tell you they were excellent, but that was just an experiment to check where they go haywire, surprisingly with ipod/iphone they didn’t, with Samsung the sound was bad. The LM5N woofer of Swans M200MKIII which is strongly sought after by users is applied to the new generation of D1080-IV, this alone can be a glimpse of strong bass of D1080-IV. And see if these are really the best budget desktop speakers? 3.5mm to RCA from sound card/DAC to sub RCA in (if you don’t want a DAC, still you need this cable to connect to the source) United States (US), Select a state… I am not a base head but do like pop/electronic music and enjoy crisp and clean vocals. c) No cabinet resonance – solid built D1080 IV ï¿¥780 vs M100MKII ï¿¥980. Most importantly what was the SPL… d) Sound (staging) is in front of you, here I tried to place the pair at different distances apart, more distance apart they are kept, wider is the soundstage. Etiam nec ante fermentum, elementum ante ac, faucibus odio. Length and scope of consumer warranty is different for each region and is handled by your local HiVi authorized representative. Build qualitynya juga terasa kokoh dan bobotnya cukup berat juga. If there is a significant difference, only then shall i be willing to pay more. Barusan boyong ni swan d1080-IV td sore di enterkomputer, yg mau saya tanyakan , apakah rca to mini nya saya ganti ke dbe rm 20 itu kualitas nya bagus bawaan speaker apa bagus dbe? Any opinions on the list? Let’s get into what we are here for and see how much these bad boys can deliver if you are betting your money on them. I really loved them, as I felt the singer is sitting in front of me (again, please use good quality file preferably FLAC/ALAC or use a DAC) Overall Ranking: 7/10 i. Crossover frequency knob: this is generally built into the sub, with this set at the appropriate level you basically telling the sub to send high frequency to active speakers and let the sub play only low frequencies Warranty does not cover any damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, modification, acts of nature, or negligence. 5.25" Midbass Driver 0.8" Dome Tweeter 34W RMS ×2-+ Add to bag. Conclusion: What should you buy, I had gone for D1080-IV considering the price difference and good bass response and size of the room (these can rock a big room but will distort a bit). Damage caused by improper operation, maintenance, installation, or damage caused during an attempt to repair products is also not covered by warranty. Also, does cons in the subwopfer out means i cannot connect a subwoofer later. bakal lebih sering dipakai untuk apa? Reply. I would say save for MKIII and go for D1080-IV now, and if the price is a concern, only if you want to upgrade later, MKIII are just gorgeous. 2.0 buat nonton film atau gaming bakal berasa kurang sih The D1080-IV has the same LM5N woofer of Swans M200MKIII which is vigorously sought after by users which makes shows the powerful bass the D1080-IV is made of. Do check them here:, You can also look at M200MKII which is available at the good price currently:, Thnk u bro… Subwoofer connection: As these are entry level active speakers, they don’t come with a sub out like audioengine A5+, but that doesn’t mean you cannot connect a subwoofer, of course, you can. Swan Speaker D1010-IV Compact 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers / Computer Speakers Swan D1010-IV is the integration of advantages of previous versions of D1010. An active subwoofer with RCA in/out: active sub has its own amp and the RCA in/out is a MUST (check at the back of the sub for RCA input as well output ports, I am emphasizing because most of them has only input) b. 5.825.000 T200C professional active crossover mono amp 2.0 - out of stock Accessories Q10 Bluetooth Module (CSR8645 built in aptX® CODEC) - out of stock Cable Interconnect Swans RCA to mini/3.5mm OFC High Grade Gold (length: 2,2m) - Rp. The av40s play really loud, i know that much. Bring more beautiful sound to you life. I hope, it was somewhat useful, let me know for any query!! The D1080-IV is marketed as cheaper version of M200MKIII. Joined Sep 16, 2008 Messages 363. I tried both swan m10 and d1080, and even though the m10s had slightly better clarity and attention to details, these had a full bodied and much more warmer sound, which I prefer. Once we receive the returned product, we will refund you the equal amount that you purchased at. A stylish model of 4” compact and powerful active multimedia speakers to pair with your phone, PC and more. I … - Drivers and … Integer feugiat ultricies diam quis tristique. Price $199.00. e) They are neither harsh nor bright and definitely a notch above m10s. Do you find that they play loud enough? Ali Pardiwala Email Ali Ali Pardiwala writes about audio and video devices for Gadgets 360 out of Mumbai, and has covered the industry for a decade now. Like the rightly famous Swan M200 series, the full-sized D1080 IV is a stereo 2.0 system with one active speaker containing both channels of stereo amplification and a slave speaker connected by a length of cable. It’s been some time since I’m using d1080 and I can happily mention that I love them for the amount I have paid. Swan D1010-IVB. Please if you cud fill these…i wud be thnk ful. Carlin, how do you like the speakers? Check out here: Hi, Your email address will not be published. Price: $189 You can buy a pair to test them out yourself and be introduced to the “Good sound in budget” philosophy for real. c. RCA/RCA from RCA out on sub to RCA in of active monitor D1080-IV 2.0 Channel Active Speakers. Sound quality: M200MKII has a slightly better and clear sound because of the dome 1” dome twitter and of course the bigger chassis I noticed the D1080's have 10wpc, AV40 are 20w, but Swan's have bigger woofers (5" vs 4"). Any audible cabinet resonance, tweeter diffraction, cone break up… Etc I'm a little late to the game with the D1010, this is the fourth and "Final version."

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