The soft, flexible strips easily conform to the contours of your face, and they contain natural beeswax to yank hair as short as 3 millimeters. However, you can still make use of your microwave. Other tips you should be aware of are as follows: 1. When that happens, they won’t work well so it’s a must to reheat them again. Achieve beautifully smooth skin in those oh-so sensitive areas. Types of facial wax strips Wax and strips. This brand of wax beads boasts easy and complete hair removal on all areas of the body such as the face, eyebrows, lips, underarms, chest, arms, legs, and bikini. It doesn’t irritate sensitive skin as well, which is a huge bonus. The hardened wax traps the hair and pulls it from the root, giving you hair-free skin for weeks so you can finally say goodbye to daily shaving. The Tress Wellness waxing kit is perfect not just for facial waxing but also for Brazilian and bikini waxing. Quantity: Add to Cart. When it comes to hair removal, those sensitive-skinned must keep in mind a few precautions, especially if it involves waxing. Each wax variation is developed for a specific target area, which can be found in the instruction manual. This is especially hard when using them on your face since you’ll be applying to small areas. … Yeelen wax warmer comes with four custom-formulated wax, each of which has different target areas including the face, armpit, bikini, and body. Waxxxie Ready to Use Sensitive Wax Strips are made with a salon formula that is applied to a softer fabric strip. A wax warmer for hair removal is suitable for most types of wax, including hard wax, wax beads, wax beans, canned wax, and wax block. Formulated especially for sensitive skin, FEMIRO wax beads contain all-natural ingredients including, beeswax, pine rosin, and vegetable oil. Nad’s Body Wax Strips for Sensitive Skin is naturally enriched hair removal for sensitive skin types. Then, place the wax strip over the outer edge of your bikini line. Nevertheless, this product is also gentle enough to provide a smooth and hairless experience with less discomfort. KeShi wax warmer unit comes with 6 different wax beads in blackberry, chamomile, lavender, cream, honey, and rose variation. This home waxing kit from Tress Wellness includes 5 bean bags. Item Information. Nonetheless, they’re also gentle and effective on soft hair and sensitive body areas. Made with natural ingredients, the wax beans are safe for all skin types, including, of course, people with sensitive skin. Like many quality cold wax strips, this particular one is also charged with bee wax essence and jojoba seed oil, all-natural ingredients that work well on sensitive skin types. And since no strips are needed, it saves you time and money. The wax warmer is also programmed to maintain the temperature and keep wax in the right wax consistency to avoid unnecessary skin burns. Aside from convenience and gentleness on sensitive skin, these are … Price: US $8.99. In the meantime, let’s take a look at each product we have listed and see for yourself which one will win your heart at the end of the article : This hair removal wax strips from Reejoys also work on other areas like legs, arms, underarms, and the bikini zone. Besides, hard waxes are pretty affordable considering that they come in hundreds of grams per pack, which can get you by for a long time. These sensitive-skin-friendly wax strips are an easy alternative to plucking or trimming your eyebrows. Does your skin gets easily irritated when using new products on your face? In this section, we will be reviewing 3 to 4 facial waxing products for every category we have discussed a while ago. However, contrary to the traditional waxing kits, with wax warmers, you’ll need to do some learning first. Waxxxie Wax Strips for Face and Sensitive Areas (Pack of 3) These wax strips feature a Sensitive Skin Formula requiring no preparation for instant salon-quality results. However, they work better on women since ladies have much finer facial hair than men. From stubborn thick hair to the finest hair in the bikini line, armpit, legs, arms and face, this home wax kit will leave your skin clean and soft for up to 4 weeks. This way, it will help calm your nerves before a waxing session. Nad’s Body Wax Strips. The kit includes 10 double-sided strips and four calming oil wipes to soothe skin and remove wax residue. Since the wax beads are made with natural plant ingredients, it’s perfect to use on sensitive skin. It can also be applied at a low comfortable temperature due to its low melting point formula. Sign up below and get 15% Off with your first order. I have been waxing for 8 months now and I 100% recommend it! For those with sensitive skin, using this wax won’t be a problem since it’s also formulated for delicate areas. But in case it hasn't come to your notice, there are actually other ways or tools of facial waxing. © 2021 HarlotBeauty.Com, BUYER’S GUIDE: 3 Ways of Waxing Your Face, 3. The wax strips are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested to be safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Reejoys Face Legs Underarms Brazilian Bikini Waxing Strips, 2. That’s why Waxxxie Ready-To-Use Wax Strips are made with a Salon Formula which is applied to a softer fabric strip that gently removes unwanted hair in a matter of minutes without mess or fuss. Due to safeguards in place, please expect 2-3 days delay on shipments. It works just as fine on men as well, which is a plus to some since they can share it with their partner. When removing the strip, make sure that you keep the strip close to the skin. Through DIY Wax Warmer Hair Removal Kit, 10 Best Face Wax For Sensitive Skin Types, 1. Some kits consist of a tub of wax, individual strips, and a spatula-like application tool. Just make sure to keep them tightly covered to avoid contamination from dust. With its economical cost, one bag of KoluWax beads will save you a lot of money and last you for a long period. ​6. Hair Removal Wax Strips- VEET Easy- Gelwax Technology, Sensitive Formula Ready-to-Use Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit with Shea Butter, 40 wax strips with … They come in small sizes since they are conditioned to work on small and delicate facial areas including upper lip, eyebrows, cheeks, and chin. With its fluid gel texture and vibrant blue color, these wax beads are ideal for all hair types, be it short, long, shaved, sort or coarse. Thus, it’s pretty affordable. Top 10 Wax Strips For Easy Waxing At Home 1. More importantly, wax strips are very convenient and extremely easy and fast to use. Hard wax is a completely different waxing option. First off, it’s less costly than going to salons. Wait until your facial hair is longer because that longer the hair, the better the result. Truth is, choosing which one is the best waxing product is a matter of preference and needs. A warmer unit is the best tool. Also, this face wax product includes finishing wipes, which you can use to remove the wax residue on your skin. Did your bet make it to our winner list? Get on board now and join us as we discuss to you our top 10 best face wax for sensitive skin this 2020. One more thing: do the pulling in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Luckily today, burning yourself is out of the equation since modern waxing kits nowadays are much simpler to use. Developed by the most versatile formula, KoluaWax hard wax beans are designed for all body parts, be it for face, bikini, legs, back, chest, and underarm. REMOVES COARSEST HAIR FROM SENSITIVE AREAS: This Brazilian Hard Wax is ideal for sensitive and bikini areas and can get rid of unwanted stubborn hair down to the roots. The pain from tearing the hair out can be matched by the pain of tearing the strip from your skin. If it's your first time waxing and you've chosen to use Veet Waxing Strips, you should know that waxing can be painful, especially for those with sensitive skin. Facebook 0 Twitter Tumblr Pinterest 0. Warm up the strips by gently rubbing them between your … Furthermore, they aren’t just suitable for women but also men who are known to have stubborn and coarser hair. TIP: Nair Wax Strips are reusable, so repeat steps 2 and 3 over the area to be waxed, with the same strip until it stops gripping. For over 30 years, Waxxxie has aimed to make waxing a more enjoyable and less tedious experience. For beginners, you may have to perform a few tries at first before you can finally get the hang of it. Later on, we will also be picking our winner for each category, so make sure to stick around. Unlike the first two wax strips, this one is specifically made to be used on facial areas so the strips are in a much smaller size. A digital display is attached to the warmer machine so you can easily monitor the heating temperature. 'https' : 'http') + '://'; e.className = 'createsend-script'; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(e, s); })(); Find Coupons at For beginners, don’t fret because the package includes a step-by-step instruction manual, presenting you four primary care points of the whole waxing process. Got a question that you would like to ask a qualified beauty therapist? Although soft and hard body waxes are excellent at removing hair, they also aren’t the easiest and most straightforward method. Follow up with a soothing aloe vera gel and gently exfoliate the area to keep ingrown hairs at bay. But few brands have launched specialized strips for sensitive areas which are quite safe to use. When picking which wax to use on your face, it’s important to first educate yourself on the options. Grasp the end of 1 of the wax strips to pick it up. So, Nad’s Hypoallergenic Facial Wax Strips suit me just fine for any occasion. Furthermore, it comes with intelligence temperature control that automatically stops heating once the melted wax is ready for use. Anlome Wax Strip can make that happen for you. This amazing blend of components helps maintain the wax’s elasticity even at a low temperature, which in turn, improves smoothness, pliability, and grip. Mudder 200 Pieces Waxing Strip. Apply 1 of the strips to your skin. Compact and convenient, they are available in 2 sizes for the face and the body and can be used up to 5 times with lasting results. It’s either the wax you applied was too thin, or it was left in the skin for too long. But hey, these tools are quite impressive at performing their job. Unwanted hair is quickly removed, including bulb and root, to inhibit future hair growth. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. Are you one of those women who are blessed (note the sarcasm) with sensitive skin? Email our online Salon Professional. Not suitable for face, underarms breast, nipple, scalp, perianal or genital areas. Generally cold waxing strips are not ideal for sensitive areas like bikini area, underarms, upper lips etc.