Many senior UPS executives, including Chairman and CEO David Abney and other members of the company’s senior leadership team, started their UPS careers as part-time employees. The full- and part-time seasonal positions – primarily package handlers, drivers and driver-helpers – have long been an entry point for permanent employment at UPS. While taken on its own, this rule would seem ridiculously fussy, the fact that it functions alongside hundreds of similar such policies points toward the ethic of UPS, as a whole, which is a company that prizes efficiency above all else ... while not being so worried about remembering that their workers are human beings. Strict Rules All UPS Truck Drivers Have To Follow, an archived piece from the Wall Street Journal, The United States Department of Transportation. But UPS is “a very regimented, very tightly run” organization, and drivers using their own cars to deliver packages would detract from the company’s professionalism, Deniz said. packages can feel reasonably light due to how the weight is distributed and the type of grip a driver can get on the package. Again, don't blame the driver. In general, using the three points of contact is the safest way to enter or exit trucks, as AF Group reports, and the multiple anchor points inherent to this method lowers the impact of injuries caused by slips and falls. On a bigger scale, UPS's beard ban amounts to religious discrimination, as Business Insider reports, since employees who wear beards for religious reasons are pressured to conform to the Ward Cleaver standard. After you update the UPS InfoNotice, place it back in the same location where the driver originally left it. Seriously, are these guys trying to act like the Joker, or what? If the tracking software shows drivers taking too long, as the Nation reports, they will be accused of "stealing time," as well as messing up their SPORH count (Stops Per On-Road Hour), and explanations will be demanded. Efficiency rules are etched into everyone's brains. Who could be more powerful than UPS, you ask? This does not apply to "Adult signature required" deliveries. Package delivery drivers continue to work on the frontlines, delivering the goods we need. UPS boasts that avoiding such turns reduces delays from waiting for traffic to clear, leads to 10 million fewer gallons of fuel being used a year, lowers carbon dioxide emissions, delivers 350,000 more packages, and perhaps most importantly, reduces the number of traffic accidents. Okay, so if someone were to first tell you that UPS drivers have to follow strict rules as far as how they climb in and out of their vehicles, you'd probably think it was insane. The United States Department of Transportation, who strictly forbids commercial drivers from working more than 60-hour weeks, for safety reasons that should be blatantly obvious. One of these methods, indeed, is all about where the driver keeps their pen. Yes, when UPS chief operating officer David Abney says, "We're obsessive about efficiency," he sure isn't kidding. Thus, if the keys are always on the ring fingers, the keys never get lost. After you update the UPS InfoNotice, place it back in the same location where the driver originally left it. The flurry on social media left our Verify team wondering, do UPS drivers ever deliver packages in their personal cars? To enforce this doctrine of efficiency, UPS drivers have to be tracked — yes, tracked — throughout every moment of their shift, on the world's most anal timer, or Big Brother will have a problem with it. It's the fact that they're on a crazy schedule, on a crazy route, where they have to follow a seemingly infinite number of rules and tactics referred to by the powers-that-be as the fabled "340 methods." Doing this consistently reduces stress on the ankles. Nah. According to Labor Notes, unions in New England rallied in the parking lot, as hundreds of drivers refused to start their trucks, demanding that if the company didn't value their lives, they weren't going to value their requirements. That's front pockets only, by the way, according to Dan Honig. Apply the bright yellow UPS heavy package sticker to your package at the right of the address label for maximum visibility and write the weight of your package in the white area on the label. Depending on the shape of the package, heavy (over 70 lbs.) If you've ever imagined that one day you might own a package car of your very own, forget it. Future you finds the ride that fits If you haven't noticed, facial hair is in. To 8:00p.m. This doesn't happen too often, though, as UPS claims only about 10 percent of the turns on their maps are left-handed ones. UPS drivers operate on some crazy strict time limits, and that means it can be really difficult to find the time to do essential human tasks like ... you know, taking a pee. And lest you think that you can convince your UPS driver to back up on your driveway via your unbeatable charm, think again. It's not that UPS got more lax about it, but rather, that technology evolved, and they realized it sped up the process even further if the regular keys were replaced with fancy-schmancy key fobs. The Astronomical Math Behind UPS' New Tool to Deliver Packages Faster In a sense, all business boils down to math. The reason for this anti-back up agenda, according to NPR, is safety-related. You can use your UPS InfoNotice number online to request we hold eligible packages at a UPS location. Hazard avoidance and management, of course. The solidarity of the New England drivers won against UPS, and these drivers got to keep the 60 hour weeks they wanted, instead of kowtowing to the forced overtime that had previously been demanded from them. This rule, as Fortune described it, also enabled drivers to position the key with their index finger, put the car in ignition, and pull it out in one swift motion.Â. How Much Do UPS Truck Drivers Make? Yep, UPS.Â. They are good if you’re a real early morning person or have a couple free hours every night. Frankly, the figures here are surprisingly convincing — and were tested by Mythbusters, if you're curious — to the point where one could make a decent argument that maybe everybody should avoid these turns, just like UPS drivers do. 21 is the minimum age Upvote 1 — switch into reverse from a little bit, in order to get out? In 2018, UPS had to cough up $4.9 million over these religious discrimination charges, which you'd think would be enough motivation to finally update this policy, but absurdly enough, UPS is still crabby about facial hair, much like that corny old boss you suffered through during your first high school job. UPS delivers 16.9 million packages and documents to 7.9 million customers every day. Keep in mind, package handler jobs and seasonal “driver helper” jobs do not require experience driving manual transmission vehicles. UPS is open for business: Service impacts related to Coronavirus. Trainees learn how to load trucks the fastest way possible, and most amusingly, have to run through a "slip-and-fall" course where they learn how to move quickly across ice without falling on their face. As the clean-shaven norms of the past have been done away with, most companies have relaxed their draconian rules regarding beards ... which is a good thing, fashion trends aside, because as Vox points out, workplace bans on facial hair carry a disturbingly racist undercurrent. Consider: if you have one foot on icy ground, and it slips, your hands on the handrail will catch you, as will your foot on the non-slippery step.